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Mission Standings and Pictures

Check out our gallery to see examples of completed missions… but don’t look until you’ve attempted yours. We also have a standings of where each spy is on their missions and what rank they are.
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4

Mission 1 – Bridge Mission – create a bridge that can span a 6 inch river.olderbridgeThis bridge was made by Agent Milk and Water. She is 8 and flew through this challenge after she began bending a few index cards. At first she tried cutting and realized that wasn’t getting her what she had hoped for. My favorite part was her figuring out how to anchor the Z-shaped index card with weight from other index cards. The bridge is sturdy and I like the added touch of stairs for the Spy Puff (Pancake Ball).youngerbridgeThese are pictures from Agent Action Operation who is 5. Agents 6 and under were allowed to use any type of materials they wanted. Agent AO was stuck on using pencils even though she was told by the photographer that they might not be too sturdy and that the bridge doesn’t have to be that high. After her first attempt with single pencils, she reengineered her design to put 3 together and tape them. I did not suggest this at all and was pretty psyched that she thought of it. I’m excited to see the other examples from Engineering spy girls. Note.. I thought this was actually harder because there was no limitation on what to use – some kids need direction.

Two more First Class Spies have successfully completed their mission. The older spy seems to have done it with ease and the younger spy seems to have created an incredibly long bridge in case the stream floods with only two staples! Bravo from headquarters.mission1 completion picturesAnother bridge tackled by a budding spy girl… I love her puff’s hat.mission1bridgepicYou can see that the Spy engineer below used folding to secure his bridge (yes his – our first Engineering Spy Boy!). Spy Puff Agent Double A Antonio looks appreciative that this Spy Engineer made stairs for easy access to climb up the bridge.doubleamiss1I really enjoy the bridge below. The Engineering Spy Girl all the way from Texas used slits in her paper to secure her bridge. I think that she was experiencing some sagging in her bridge so she added extra supports in the middle. That is the kind of redesigning and testing that engineers do all the time – Agent Paige looks like she is enjoying her stroll across the bridge.tcmiss1nomiss1This Engineering Spy boy completed his bridge so quickly… I love too that he used a tape measure to show me that he did the height and width correctly. I love attention to detail!
AJmission1These two sisters did a great figuring out what worked best to get their Spy Puffs up and off the floor with these great bridges. I think their Grandpa would be proud!

Mission 2 – The Catapult mission – create a catapult that can consistently land on a target.kkmiss2I love that the Engineering Spy girls above created their own ideas for catapults. I would love to see a video of their catapults in action! I also think that their puffs enjoyed the security of the spoons.miss2kcEven though these sister Engineering spy girls made very different catapults they were able to get their puffs consistently on the target after tweeking with their design and learning the best way to hold the catapult. Engineers often have to account for operator handling; the catapult will act differently depending on how you hold and flip it.

Mission 3 – Tower Building – Build the tallest tower you can with only paper and tape and it must be able to hold your puff and a cookie.miss3kk

Mission 4
Here’s a little video of the parachute testing of the puffs from Mission 4.