Need to Learn

  1.  How to Garden
  2. Best place to get Fairtrade Chocolate Chips
  3. How to set up a doable food schedule
  4. How to buy, eat, cook more local
  5. Get rid of lots our stuff
  6. Finish One Bite at a Time
  7. Create a devotional for my kids
  8. How to use inscape
  9. Set up a place and a procedure to keep up with my project life
  10. Learn how to make custom WordPress themes
  11. Learn PHP and MySql
  12. Teach my kids manners at the dinner table
  13. Be good at keeping in touch with my family
  14. Stick to a cleaning schedule
  15. Learn to make good homemade Mac and Cheese
  16. Get to the point where we tithe 30%
  17. Sell all our old books
  18. Raise enough money to take our biological daughters to meet our adopted son
  19. Run another marathon with a time I can be proud of
  20. Organize my computer
  21. Really learn how to Sabbath
  22. Create a date night with our kids
  23. Write a family mission statement
  24. Paint dining room, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom
  25. Really learn how to use my camera
  26. Learn lightroom
  27. Learn to make my own dolls
  28. Learn how to use my scroll saw